About us

The beginning

Matt Trimmer started ivantage in 2002. Matt had the vision to start an Internet marketing agency that focused on website traffic generation, traffic analysis and traffic conversion. Matt always wanted to run his own business and was inspired to do so in search marketing by Danny Sullivan. Matt had benefited from Danny’s search engine marketing consulting when working as a Product Marketing Manager at OSM Software – a British venture capital funded start-up.

In 2003, ivantage applied to became an Urchin reseller as a result of reading Dr. Brian Clifton’s Compelling Urchin Software review. In 2005, after successfully becoming a reseller, Google acquired Urchin Software Corporation and ivantage became one of only four Google Analytics Certified Partners in the UK. Matt was one of only 14 people at the original Google Analytics Summits along with Dr Brian Clifton, Holgar Temple, Anders Ibsen, Justin Cutroni and a number of others that have since left the the analytics industry.

ivantage became more and more focused on Google Analytics and Matt Trimmer became a Google Seminar leader in 2009, listed on with only 14 others – authorised to train exclusively for Google’s Seminars Success programme.

Matt Trimmer

Matt enjoys training in Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Search Engine Optimisation very much because of the “wonderful and interesting” people he meets and websites technologies he comes across. Matt is one of the world’s leading experts in Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimisation and Internet Marketing and has travelled all over the world educating and enlightening digital professionals.

The new vision

ivantage as an agency suffered a major set-back in 2013 when its biggest paid search customer - Blockbuster - went into administration owning ivantage thousands of pounds. Matt restructured the business and focused on his passion and new, invigorated vision – to provide in-depth, in-detail practical education and personal development to digital professionals. Welcome to ivantage – digital enlightenment.

About us

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