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About ivantage

About ivantage  overview

ivantage helps online businesses to grow – delivering services to generate, analyze and convert Web site visitor traffic.

Created in 2002, we are a leading Internet marketing company serving clients both directly and through agencies by supplying practicable, accurate, thorough and ethical Internet marketing advice, while taking an approach which encompasses all relevant aspects of a client's Web presence.

Why choose ivantage in particular?

ivantage delivers exceptionally effective search marketing services – SEO and PPC with Web analytics and conversion optimization – for site owners who demand strong RoI via high search engine rankings, compelling paid-search advertising and effective conversion in order to attract and retain profitable, returning visitor traffic.

Watch Matt Trimmer say more in response to ‘Why ivantage?’

Why we are different

As a digital agency specializing in search marketing, we are free from the pressures – to sell other services – which compromise full-service media businesses. We bring clarity, deep expertise and attention to detail. We report campaigns' performance openly and frequently to confirm they are making money, not losing it.

Through consistent performance and sustained success, we are now . . .

a Google Analytics Certified Partner (GACP)

a Google AdWords Certified Partner

an Urchin Certified Partner (UCP)

a Coradiant partner delivering Analytics In a Box

a member of the UK IAB

a member of the Web Analytics Association

a member of the IAB Search Council, and

a Gold Member of e-consultancy.


Our goal is to be acknowledged as the UK's foremost performance-driven Internet marketing agency. We are achieving this by . . .

retaining bright, well-trained, experienced people who are addicted to what they do

seeking out and employing innovative, cost-effective Internet marketing technologies

intelligently planning and executing campaigns that deliver measurable results

continually improving return on clients' marketing spend

delivering high standards of service and client care

building strong, enduring client relationships

innovating to create additional value to client services

consistently following ethical business and technical practices

Natural Search (SEO)

Natural Search optimisation has the specific goal of delivering high visibility in the search engines’ results pages (SERPs). However, long experience has shown that real value for our clients is created only when we make sure their web site focuses on the needs of visitors at the same time as being optimised for search. Only then do visitors convert to customers and generate the revenues which are the essence of e-commerce.

Our process begins as we combine inventive keyword research with creative best practice. It results in effective natural (organic) search optimisation which is confirmed through regular management reporting and developed by continuous feedback. The result is that we deliver consistent results and an excellent return on investment for customers of all sizes.

ivantage’s services for natural search deliver:

More frequent customer visits – which both build customer confidence and lead to their attaining site goals more often and more consistently

Improved brand visibility – so creating a direct route for customers to find our clients’ sites, avoiding the distractions of competitors

ROI calculation and reporting – to substantiate the value of clients’ investment in natural search and to direct future investment

A service to fit each client’s overall business model - building an optimisation strategy to suit the aims and objectives of not only online business, but all of it

Learn more about ivantage's Natural Search (SEO) services

Paid Search (AdWords, Yahoo Sponsored Search, Microsoft adCenter)

Paid Search is also known as Pay-for-Performance (PfP), Pay-for-Position and Pay-per-Click
(PPC). It is the means by which our clients rapidly achieve a valuable presence on Search Engine results pages, specifically in the sponsored search listings. However, in this increasingly competitive market, it is vital to combine creative research and an inventive strategy with attentive bid management, continuous analysis and meaningful reporting.

ivantage uses all these techniques to achieve rapid entry to sponsored search listings. By means of diligent and imaginative keyword research, we can both build brand visibility and attract customers already further down the buying process. Our long experience of writing focused ad copy stimulates the right sort of customer to click-through. We devise effective landing pages to direct those visitors efficiently to their goals. Crucially, we track their progress with web analytics so as to be able to improve their experience and your conversion rates.

ivantage’s services for Paid Search include:

Consultation and planning – we take time to understand your business and discuss matters in detail. We can then agree on cost and conversion objectives and make decisions about where to place the advertising

Keyword research – our painstaking and imaginative keyword research identifies the terms which the customers our clients seek are currently using to find their type of product and service

Effective ad copy – creative ad copy and side-by-side testing of ad variants selectively increases the click-though and conversion of the right sort of customer. Good copy also promotes brand visibility and recognition

Advice on web-site design – the design of landing pages is vital in encouraging visitors to follow through to the goals they are intended to reach

Web site analytics – if not already in place, we apply Google Analytics to the site so as to get rapid feedback and analysis of visitor behaviour. We are then able to advise on optimising the site for conversion

Account Management – ivantage is both a Google AdWords Certified Partner and a Google Analytics Certified Partner. Our paid search account managers look after all aspects of paid search advertising campaigns so as to ensure continual fine-tuning and improvement

Reporting – we report regularly and frequently to make sure clients can keep track of all aspects of their campaigns’ performance including the return on advertising spend

Learn more about ivantage's Paid Search (PPC) services

Web Analytics

Web analytics are essential in tracking visitors’ behaviour and progress on clients’ web sites. When a client has invested time, effort and money through paid and natural search in order to get visitors to land on their site, nothing is more disappointing to find they leave before achieving the goals intended for them to reach.

By means of web analytics, our clients record and visualize the progress of visitors through their sites and see exactly where they leave and join the paths designed for them to follow.

ivantage has long-term experience of many analytics packages, but we recommend the use of the Google products – Google Analytics and Urchin from Google – because of their low cost, advanced functionality and easy availability. ivantage, being a Google Analytics Certified Partner, provides setup, advisory and fully-managed services to customers, as well as training.

Because Google Analytics is provided free of charge by Google, we are able to apply a basic configuration to sites where we manage a paid-for AdWords campaign. The results help us fine-tune the advertising campaign for goal achievement and conversion.

However, many customers soon desire deeper analysis in order to direct more general marketing activities. Google Analytics is a very capable product and using the full extent of its facilities soon becomes complex and resource-consuming. This is the point at which ivantage provides a selection of services.

Analytics Accelerator – a ‘get you started’ service

. . . .

Learn more

Trouble Shooter – a continuing product support and usage advice service

. . . .

Learn more

Analytics Insight – a combination of the above, plus extra support in the area of insight, analysis, interpretation and regular reporting

. . . .

Learn more

Training – we provide both scheduled, public courses at our modern, central-London facility and on-site training for classes of up to 5 students. Whereas the former have defined course contents, the on-site (private) courses may have their content tailored to suit the specifics of the organization.

. . . .

Learn more

Learn all about ivantage's services for web analytics


Size DOES matter

Search marketing agencies come in all sizes and there is no doubt that clients like to feel comfortable with the size of the agency they use – and vice versa. ivantage was founded in 2002 and has grown to a size where companies like Argos, Vitabiotics and the Wellcome Trust are comfortable with our capability to deliver.

Sadly, this also means that we are no longer able to provide the very basic services which some small web site owners will continue to need.

The word “search” is important to our identity. On the premise that being a “jack of all trades” carries a negative corollary, we are intentionally not a full-service marketing agency. We specialise in search and do it better than most. A virtue of this approach is that we can happily work with the creative agencies with no competitive overlap. Their search skills are often not finely honed and the addition of ivantage’s search marketing skills can result in a powerful combination.

ivantage is unusual amongst UK search marketing agencies in that we have a strong enthusiasm for reporting the return on our clients’ investments. The only effective way to do this is by means of web analytics – which is the reason why we have been experts in the subject for some years and are still one of the few Google Analytics Certified Partners (GACPs) in the UK.

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