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Urchin Software from Google

Urchin from Google products

Welcome to Urchin Software from Google, now in version 7.

Urchin 7 takes the baton from the highly respected Urchin 6 and moves it firmly into the mid-range Enterprise class for web analytics applications. Urchin 7 includes many of the latest functional components of its close relation – Google Analytics – and provides a similar look and feel for the typical user.

Urchin is the natural alternative to Google Analytics in applications where an in-house web analytics service is preferred to a remotely hosted one. This includes security-conscious intranets without continuous Internet access, websites in organisations with particular data-ownership responsibilities and any web domain where there is a need to keep track of user visits at an individual user level rather than report on them in aggregate.

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Urchin authorised reseller

Urchin - client service and support partner: ivantage

Urchin licences are available from authorised resellers who are accredited as Urchin Certified Partners (UCPs). A UCP can supply all Urchin software (licences and upgrades) and, optionally, provide services for installation, configuration, training and support.

ivantage supplies a complete repertoire of services for Urchin.

Installation, set up and configuration are contained within our service which we brand as Analytics Accelerator for Urchin from Google.

Click to review the description of Analytics Accelerator for Google Analytics as a guide to the service's contents.

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