Matt Trimmer - Principal Consultant of ivantage Limited
Matt Trimmer
BA (Hons.) DipM MCIM
Chartered Marketer

Analytics Seminar Leader for Google

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Digital Marketing Trainer & Consultant - Matt Trimmer

Matt Trimmer is Principal Consultant & Managing Director of ivantage - a leading provider of hands-on, in depth and in detail training for digital professionals. Matt enjoys training in Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Search Engine Optimisation very much because of the 'wonderful and interesting' people he meets and technologies he comes across. Matt is one of the world's leading experts in Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Search Engine Optimisation and Digital Marketing and travels all over the world educating and enlightening digital professionals. Matt Trimmer became a Google Seminar leader in 2009, listed on with only 14 others authorised to train exclusively for Google's Seminars Success programme. You can connect with Matt via LinkedIn and follow on Twitter

Matt is married and has two children, one boy and one girl.  In his spare time he enjoys family life, running, cycling, skiing, trying to windsurf and fly-fishing.

He likes...
The fun, highs and lows of family life; the challenge of running a small business; working with a great team of diverse people; work itself (I'm lucky enough to enjoy what I do for virtually every minute of the day and night sometimes!); the Internet; learning new things everyday; direct people;  London; California; Izmir; Turkish food; working at home on Thursday and catching an episode of Columbo (I now have Neflix!) ; light, cold, crisp (preferably Austrian) beer served in one those continental glasses with a fine head on it, usually followed by another....

He hates...
Bull, duplicity, dishonesty, corruption, greed, ignorance and having a fat belly.

About ivantage
ivantage is leading provider of hands-on, in depth and in detail training for digital professionals.

Matt can be contacted by:

T: +44 (0) 20  3745 3397
D: +44 (0) 20 3239 9715
M: +44 (0) 77 8693 0032
S: matt.trimmer-ivantage