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Google Analytics' Achilles Heel is poor page tagging so what can be done to check how well tagged your website is? Well, here are some useful tools and reports:

Browser tools:
1) View Source in your browser and search "UA-"
2) Firebug for Firefox
3) Charles or Fiddler for Internet Explorer
4) Charles for Safari
5) Wasp (Free version)
6) Google Analytics Tracking Code Debugger

Free Scanning tools:
1) http://sitescanga.com

Paid Scanning Tools:
1) Wasp (Paid Versions) (http://webanalyticssolutionprofiler.com/)
2) Observepoint
3) REL Link Checker - You can use Relsofware's Web Link Validator Page Rules which are designed for evaluating pages against certain conditions and confirming the absence or presence of specific display text, tag text, links, scripting, forms, etc. generated by your code. Here's some more instructions on how to do this:


Paid Audits
1) ivantage's Google Analytics Audit !

In my opinion, the best tool for continuous auditing is http://www.observepoint.com/. Relsoftware's Web Linker Validator is the best tool for one-off analysis and for SEO audits, but to my knowledge you can't schedule regular audits. Our paid Google Analytics Audit uses Observepoint technology.

Google Analytics Reports:
1) The "Check Status" report in your Edit Profile setting performs a basic test of just the home page.

2) The presence of self referrals in Traffic Sources > Referring Sites report indicates a change in status of the Google Analytics cookie which may be down to domain transfer or simply poor tagging.

3) Check to see where your Google Analytics Tracking Code (GATC) is being resolved in the Visitors > Network Properties > Hostnames report.

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