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What is Google Analytics 101?

Google Analytics 101 is an in-depth, hands-on training day that starts with the basics of Google Analytics, moves-on to defining and understanding key concepts and culminates in an exploration of almost all the standard reports and their meaning. The feedback we receive suggests that both those new to Google Analytics and, surprisingly, those much more experienced with Google Analytics find the day equally valuable and enlightening.

Is Google Analytics 101 the right course for me?

Google Analytics 101 is a one-day course aimed at both in-experienced and experienced Google Analytics users with responsibilities in the areas of marketing, content, analysis, sales and web development who need to understand Google Analytics reports in greater detail, interact with Google Analytics and improve the way they go on to use the information presented.

Timetable for the day and detailed course contents

The day is split into four sessions, separated by a fifteen-minute break in the morning and afternoon, with a one-hour break for lunch. Registration opens at 9:00am and sessions start promptly at 9:30am with the day finishing around 5:00pm.

Session 1 – Mastering the Google Analytics interface

  • Introductions, your objectives and building your action plan
  • Understanding paid search, organic search, PPC, CPC, and SEO
  • Accessing Google Analytics with your Google account
  • The Google Analytics concepts of accounts, web properties and profiles
  • The Google Analytics page tag
  • Exploring and understanding real-time
  • Exploring and understanding standard reporting
  • Creating, using and sharing annotations
  • Understanding and defining pageviews and unique pageviews
  • Understanding and defining visitors and visits
  • Introducing universal analytics and the new measurement protocol
  • Exploring and understanding the locations report
  • Understanding and defining dimensions and metrics
  • Creating, using and sharing shortcuts
  • Understanding and defining bounce and bounce rate
  • Identifying high bouncing landing pages with the landing pages report
  • Powerful analysis with weighted sort
  • Understanding and defining exit and exit rate
  • Exploring and understanding the traffic sources report suite
  • Understanding and defining direct, referral and search engine traffic
  • Identifying high-bouncing traffic sources
  • Identifying high-bouncing traffic to landing pages with cross segmentation

Session 2 – Measuring your success with goals, funnels and e-commerce

  • What is possible with web analytics?
  • What is possible with Google Analytics?
  • Understanding and defining goals
  • Goals as a way of prioritising your work
  • Google Analytics and your websites goals
  • Configuring a simple Google Analytics goal *
  • Exploring and understanding the goals report suite
  • Exploring and understanding the goal flow report
  • Exploring and understanding the e-commerce report suite
  • Understanding how e-commerce transactions are recorded
  • Understanding and defining key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Your KPIs and Google Analytics
  • The three organization objectives
  • Understanding intelligence events
  • Creating, using and sharing powerful dashboards
  • Exporting, emailing and scheduling reports and dashboards
  • Applying and understanding default advanced segments
  • Creating, using and sharing custom advanced segments

Session 3 – Reporting and measuring your visitors, devices and traffic sources

  • How Google Analytics measures visitors, visits, browsers and mobiles
  • Understanding and defining the Google Analytics’ cookies
  • Complying with the Google Analytics terms of service and the cookie law/DNT initiatives
  • Exploring and understanding audience
  • Exploring and understanding mobile
  • Exploring and understanding traffic sources
  • Understanding and defining source, medium, campaign, content and term
  • Understanding and using Google Analytics campaign tracking and the URL builder
  • Understanding and using the new campaign management system
  • Measuring e-mail marketing campaigns
  • Measuring banners and display advertising campaigns
  • Measuring in-bound social media campaigns
  • Measuring off-line campaigns using vanity URLs and QR codes
  • Integrating Google Analytics and Google AdWords
  • Exploring and understanding advertising

Session 4 – Understanding what your visitors do on your site

  • Exploring and understanding all pages
  • Exploring and understanding navigation summary
  • Exploring and understanding page title and its significance for SEO
  • Exploring and understanding content drilldown
  • Exploring and understanding in-page analytics
  • Improving in-page analytics
  • Understanding and using exit pages
  • Understanding and using landing pages
  • Understanding and using entrance paths
  • Exploring and understanding visitors flow
  • Exploring and understanding goal flow
  • Measuring how your traffic sources convert to goals and transactions
  • Creating, editing and sharing powerful custom reports
  • Some really useful dashboards
  • Wrap up, conclusions, your action plan and feedback

* Google Analytics administrator access required

Pre-requisites for Google Analytics training

  • For Google Analytics training, attendees will require on-line administration access to an active (recording some data) Google Analytics account and, if you are using Google AdWords, administrative access to a Google AdWords account for the duration of the training. If you do not have access to an active Google Analytics account, we can provide you with user access to a test account for the duration of the course. However, this is not as good as working with your own data!
  • A prerequisite of attending the 201 course is having completed the 101 course or possessing equivalent knowledge. A prerequisite of attending the 202 course is having completed the 201 course or possessing equivalent knowledge. Please examine the detailed syllabus of the day you intend to miss to make sure you are fully familiar with all concepts. A prerequisite of attending the 301 course is having completed the 101, 201 and 202 courses or possessing equivalent knowledge.

What did past attendees think?

All our attendees are asked to complete our continuous feedback survey and submit an honest, considered and fair review which we publish on our site and via eKomi. You can read these reviews on our site and on eKomi.

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